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    Anawangin in 2011
    Our backpacking journey started off in small conversation in our office. As everyone of us has different taste and style of travels. Numerous of places in the Philippines blooms to everyone, wanting to visits them all.  But budget is always been a factor to every travelers. As it was our stumble block in planning out the first one.

    We scoured the internet digging to some places that fits our budget and travel style. Finally, we came to discover that our travel desires boils into one. And that is backpacking. No accommodation. No big group. No worries.

    The first place we visited was Anawangin Cove in Zambales, in November 2011. Though a lot of our colleagues showed their interest in joining our adventure. We ended up in small group of six members. Nevertheless it was a success thus we named our group as "Tha Backpackers". It shortly followed up in discovering waterfalls.

    taken in January 2012
    A couple of months later after our beach camping, we visited the Majayjay Falls in Laguna. Indeed we were in ecstasy as we never mind the freezing water.

    Lastly, to complete our backpacking experience. We then tried our first hiking adventure. Our first epic failed climb was on February 12, 2012 as we got lost in the forest of Mt. Palay Palay for almost 7 hours. Here then we changed the named of our group as "Buwis Buhay Backpackers".

    In March 2012 a month later we planned our 2nd attempt. Finally, we were able to redeemed ourselves. Marking it as the first mountain we ever conquered, perhaps the favorite one.

    As our journey continues the old named of group no longer connotes to our adventure. We then decided to changed the name to "Pinoy Practical Backpackers". Makes it favorable not only to us but also to those whoever wishes to join.
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